Day out to Liverpool

On Friday May 6th 2016, five club members had a day out to Liverpool.We ventured to travel by train which was a novelty in itself. Group-1The waterfront has been substaltially modernised in recent years but the design did not detract from the well known buildings such as the Liverbirds. We walked and photographed a long section of the front from the watersports area where we observed some waterskiing action, to the ferry terminal with the arrival of the catameran from the Isle of Mann and on to the docked warship (we hoped we would not be arrested for taling pictures of it!). In the Albert Dock itself were steam driven boats, steam lorries, traction engines and even a small steam train which offered rides along a track of about 50 meters! We found a great eating place in the docks for lunch and in the afternoon we experienced the cafe offerering “free” drink and cakes charging only for the time in the establishment (8 pence per minute). We reckon we got our money’s worth! We set off back at about 6:30pm after 7 hours of good photography and good company. Everyone wwas enthusiastic to repeat Friday outings hoping others might join in, but for those who can’t do weekdays, we need to try again for a weekend day out.