Brilliant Evening with Melvin Nicholson

What a brilliant end of the year meeting we had on Wednesday 16th December. Melvin presented a marvelous talk based on his stunning landscape photography. In terms of landscape the photographs on show had something for everyone. Mountains, hills, moorland, rivers, lakes and lochs. Trees, barns, cottages, towers. Bridges, roads, pathways and trails. Light houses, stones, circles and more………much more! Yes a great variety of views, some exciting, some quite daunting, some lively, many dramatic, moody and thought provoking too ! A real treasure trove of landscape photography on show. To match his photographic skills his standard of presentation too was quite remarkable. Light hearted, at times, jocular throughout but most of all instructive. His explanations of how the shots were taken and why really brought the scenes to life.
Of course a part of his presentation was self projection and he certainly achieved that. Without any recourse to shyness he promoted his workshops in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Glencoe and Northumberland. To be honest, though, the workshops truly appeared to be worthy of promotion. Set in ideal locations with expert tuition and guidance they look to be good value and certainly worth consideration. Follow the link to his website and see for yourself.

See his website here.