Members’ Favourites

Our members have a lot of different photographic interests and work at a range of levels of experience. What a judge might pick in a competition can be very different from the member’s own choice. This page shows examples of what members like of their own work.

Browse around – there might be more in there than would at first appear!

Keith Brooks

Keith loves to travel to the far North at various times of the year

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Clive Royle

Clive is renowned for his unusual and very creative images

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Phil Wood

Phil loves travel (particularly when trains are involved) and enjoys the journey along the way

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Theo Dibbits

Theo specialises in sporting images which “capture the moment”, but also produces excellent images in a number of other genres

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Eileen Marsh

Eileen is always on the lookout for interesting shots in her local area and travelling further afield

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John Docherty

John is developing an extensive project called “Coast”

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