B&DPS’s annual competition consists of a monthly club event each year from April to the following March. Each month, an external judge awards marks for each image out of 20. An entrant’s highest score is entered into a league table over the year.. For the year just ended, a worthy winner scored 233 out of […]

Photographer of the Year 2021-22

The 9th September 2021 saw the revival of our annual inter-club competition against two other strong local clubs. It was hosted by Bolton Camera Club and still conducted online. Each club entered 20 images, and I am delighted to report that we won a medal – Bronze! The total scores were: Wigan PS = 353, […]

Inter-Club vs Bolton CC and Wigan PS

BDPS is happy to use our combined skills and experience to help all members. We have formalised this into a mentoring scheme, where members with experience in particular equipment, software or artistic styles offer to assist newer members who would like to learn. The result could be simply a point of contact to ask for […]

Mentoring scheme

We have just started the new competition year, which runs from April 2021 to March 2022 and have an excellent start with 33 images. 8 of these were held back, being subsequently awarded scores of 18 – 20; these are shown here. The judge was the very experienced Will Stead of Chorley Camera Club, and […]

Cash for honours!

Many congratulations to all our photographers who participated in our monthly competitions in the year 2020-21, just finished. There was active competition for the top spot and several members were in with a chance. In the event, Theo Dibbits, our keen sports photographer managed to open up his lead in the final couple of furlongs […]

Theo Dibbits wins in 2020 – 21

The joy of lockdown is that it has brought us into contact with clubs, speakers and judges from all over the country. We would never have made it to the Isle of Wight in less than a long weekend, but hey presto! on 17th March we had a wonderful, inspiring competition against them. 20 images […]

Inter-Club competition vs Wild Wight CC