Inter-Club competition vs Wild Wight CC

The joy of lockdown is that it has brought us into contact with clubs, speakers and judges from all over the country. We would never have made it to the Isle of Wight in less than a long weekend, but hey presto! on 17th March we had a wonderful, inspiring competition against them.

20 images per club, marked out of 20 by the very perceptive and constructive judge, Glen Lawson. He held back 9 of the 40 images (scoring 18-20) in a very tense and evenly matched competition. Wild Wight told us they had not taken part in an inter-club competition before, so they really gave us a run for our money with some fantastic images, including wildlife.

Anyway, there had to be a winner, and BDPS just clinched it with 339 against Wild Wight’s 324. WW’s score and the silver medal were well deserved!

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