Image processing software

There is a whole range of image processing software which you can use on your computer to improve your images, combine them or create whole new vistas. Here are packages which have been used by our members with some comments about what they are for.

LightroomAdobe - monthly subscriptionOrganising and cataloguing your images.
Processing which does not involve selection,
Originally a stand-alone package.
Now mainly sold as part of Adobe CC (Creative Cloud).
You might be able to pick up a download of the stand-alone version.
PhotoshopAdobe - monthly subscriptionDeveloping, improving images, selection and combination. Artwork creation.Originally a stand-alone package.
Now only sold as part of Adobe CC (Creative Cloud).
Photoshop ElementsAdobeAs Photoshop, but a cut-down version which omits some of the functionality.You can probably pick up a stand-alone version.
Nik CollectionNikSoft - now supplied as a free download from GoogleFilters and tools for change the mood of or adding vibrance to an image. Hundreds of presets.Main tools are:
Colour Efex, for colour shots,
Analog efex for monochrome and
Viveza, which provides ways of brightening and toning your image in local areas.
Topaz suiteTopaz LabsFilters and tools for change the mood of or adding vibrance to an image. Hundreds of presets.A suite of over a dozen tools which have tonal presents, excellent precise cutting out and a host of other functions for particular types of image.
Photomatix ProHDRsoftPackage for manipulating High Dynamic Range (HDR) of single images of sets of identical images.Enriches the tonal range, eg in the shadows and in the highlights. Has a lot of presets. Can produce some very strange effects if overdone.
Spyder StudioSpyderPackage for calibrating your monitor and your printer. Comes as a kit with the hardware required to do the calibration
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