Midsummer Picnic in the Park

It was our regular meeting night (Wednesday) and it happened to be Midsummer Day.  What better excuse, with the light lasting as late as possible, to find a beautiful park and go out photographing many interesting viewpoints?  Queens Park in Bolton has plenty of scope.

Of course, you need a little picnic to start the proceedings off, and Bolton Digital members are never slow to do things involving food.

Plenty of food to start the evening

Not yet nourished enough for a walk in the park!

Once we set off, we were able to photograph a wealth of trees and flowers, sculptures and architecture.  Members will bring their work to future meetings where they will appraise each others’ shots in a friendly, constructive way.

This supportive approach brings our members together and helps newer photographers to develop their skills and their eye for that special shot.

The bridge provides many photo opportunities

Thousands of blooms to photograph